The Plight of the Honeybee

Four or 5 years ago, I started hearing about the mysterious disappearance and rapid decline of honeybees from our environment, a phenomenon I have since come to know as Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD).

Wanting to know more, I watched a couple of contemporary documentaries, Vanishing of the Bees and Queen of the Sun. While each takes up the issue from complementary, yet slightly divergent, views, there was an interesting common denominator between the two.  In the closing credits, we learn that one of the key experts and beekeeper of more than 30 years, Günther Hauk, and his wife, Vivian, who are prominently featured throughout both films, moved away from the heartland and the surrounding farms that are, for the most part, corporate-owned and planted with genetically manipulated seed.

Their new digs (literally and figuratively)? A bio-dynamic farm with a bee sanctuary at its heart, Spikenard Farm and Honeybee Sanctuary, that they started with the aid of a sponsor in, none other than, Floyd, Virginia. As obvious as it is to me after living here myself for two years, I’m proud, nonetheless, that they choose to relocate such an influential endeavor to Southwest Virginia.

We’re hoping to go to the July 21 Volunteer Saturday to learn more about how their efforts are addressing and reversing such a critical concern.

Meet us there?

Karen Quina-Doyle | Southwest Virginia Cultural Heritage Foundation

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