Breakfast on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Welcome to MY SWVA and one of my favorite activities. I love to wake up on Saturday morning and go have breakfast in a unique diner where home cooking is served. Those of you who know me,  know that I don’t cook and will look for every excuse to avoid the kitchen. One of my favorite breakfast experiences was at Mabry Mill on the Blue Ridge Parkway. First, the atmosphere at that high altitude always makes me more hungry than usual, and the rustic setting at the Mabry Mill restaurant is totally authentic Appalachia.  The breakfast eggs were so fresh I believe they actually got them from the hens that morning. And the Pancakes brought back wonderful childhood memories of big slabs of butter and clear Karo Syrup. I didn’t even know that maple syrup was good on pancakes until I went to summer camp. We ate real butter, real bacon, real eggs, and real fried chicken when I was a child. That is why Mabry Mill is so dear to me, the ladies that serve you remind one of their Grandmother. Their hospitality skills at keeping my coffee cup filled to the rim during the entire meal was priceless. And their aprons were exactly the style my Grandma Kittie wore. Aw, sweet memories.  Thanks, Mabry Mill!

Mabry Mill on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Southwest Virginia

Kitty Barker | Virginia Tourism Corporation

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