Chillaxin’ at the Frosty Bossie

What’s better than sitting in a shady spot watching the daily goings-on in a small town? Doing it with some all-American eats and a Wi-Fi connection!

The Frosty Bossie in Wise County is that spot. Family-owned and operated since 1977, this is one of Coeburn’s most popular burger and dog joints. Perched next to Little Toms Creek, the Frosty Bossie is located at 314 Front Street East. It’s the perfect place to chow down on tasty treats while watching cars glide by residents strolling through town.

The Frosty Bossie

The chattering of children rises into the air along with the mouth-watering scent of seasoned French fries and breaded mushrooms. A teenager texts his friends while he waits for his number to be called through a crackling loudspeaker: “23!” He grabs a paper bag piled to the brim with cheeseburgers and hot dogs, napkins fluttering on top like white flags. Like the rest of us, he has surrendered to the siren call of chili and cheese.

I opt for my favorite menu item, the chocolate milkshake. It’s nearly a spiritual experience in this record-breaking heat. Smooth and cold and perfectly chocolate, it’s just thick enough to make me work for that first frosty drop on my tongue. I shiver with delight.

Heat shimmies the air. I take another sip of the shake and ponder the situation. Hmm, maybe I’ll just bring my laptop here and work from the Frosty Bossie parking lot. Wi-Fi, hot dogs and fries. And, of course, the perfect chocolate milkshake.

Find a Frosty Bossie menu at and be sure to friend them on Facebook:

Neva Bryan is author of St. Peter’s Monsters and Sawmill Boys. This Wise County native is the education coordinator for `Round the Mountain.

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