Driving Lessons on The Crooked Road

by David Smith, Manassas, Virginia

My teenage son and I recently took a trip of a lifetime on The Crooked Road.

David Smith and son, David’s driving lessons on                   The Crooked Road

You see, the trip it was to improve his driving skills a week before he was to take his road test for his Virginia Driver’s License.

But, I was going to enjoy this trip for other reasons. I am celebrating playing the guitar for 5 years, and when I started 5 years ago, I took a trip with my Dad to Galax and got to see Guitar Day at the Fiddlers’ Convention. I got to see Wayne Henderson and others behind the stage, and as I have family in the Cana, Virginia and Mount Airy, North Carolina areas, I got to take for granted the musical traditions down there. As I got older, I understood that things that important do not survive on their own. They need willing participants, as I am trying to be. I even bought a Jeff Sebens, from Cana, Virginia, mountain dulcimer at Heartwood. (We had a great lunch there, also. The buttermilk salad dressing is awesome.)

We passed areas along The Crooked Road. We took pictures, and I explained to my son the importance of sites like The Carter Family Fold.

A. P. Carter Highway Sign along The Crooked Road as photographed by the Smiths on their driving lesson trip

His driving skills improved so much with the beautiful driving trip we took that he passed his road test his first try on Saturday and has a Virginia driving license.

My thanks to The Crooked Road and Heartwood, The Ralph Stanley Museum, The Blue Ridge Music Center, Blue Ridge Institute, and The Floyd Country Store (which made us some incredible homemade pimento cheese sandwiches to take with us.)

The Crooked Road really should be marketed to learn driving, as I am very confident of my son’s skills after seeing him handle The Crooked Road!

David Smith | Manassas, Virginia

Special thanks to David Smith and his son, David, for agreeing to share their story on The Southwest Virginia Blog after stopping into Heartwood last week to buy a Jeff Sebens mountain dulcimer during their driving trip along The Crooked Road.

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One Response to Driving Lessons on The Crooked Road

  1. james foley says:

    I love the ride along the crooked road and the music that is played. I live in Culpeper,VA. Go through South West VA. To the Cumberland Gap to visit my family in Kentucky. My family line are very much into Country music Red Foley,the Carter Family,Debbie Boone, June Carter Cash, The Phipps Family and others also there is a street sign AP Carter hywy and Foley Gap at the County line of Scott and Washington. So yes I love the ride and my family is part of it. Jim Foley

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