Who’s Your Daddy, Baby? Book Release + Bluegrass Bash

While the provocative title, Who’s Your Daddy, Baby?, could evoke images of a person employed in what some have termed the world’s oldest profession, author Lisa Pell has written a quirky paternity mystery with a Facebook twist.

Who’s Your Daddy, Baby? Bookcover

“So many funny things happened during the magical mystery tour paternity search that inspired this novel, and I learned so much about some quirky medical issues, I felt compelled to write about my experience,” Pell said. “Several doctors and people who have been involved in adoption issues encouraged me to publish my story. I hope my experience can help others by shedding light on some timely, relevant issues, and readers can enjoy a few laughs along the way.”

Lisa Pell

Inspired by the author’s experience, Who’s Your Daddy, Baby?, is the story of Lori McGuire Pomay, a happily married career woman living in suburban Washington, D. C. Lori undergoes genetic testing for in vitro fertilization, and her world is rocked when she is told the dad she always knew could not possibly have been her biological father. This mid-life shocker sends her into an alternately hilarious, heartwarming, and heartbreaking search for truth about her heritage — from Appalachian Cherokee to Purple Kings on a church stage, with high-rolling gamblers, car dealers, dentists, and all manner of confused amnesiacs in their seventies along for the ride.

Award-winning former newspaper, television (WCYB overnight anchorwoman), and radio journalist, Lisa Pell, whose family were among the first settlers in Grayson, Smyth, and Wythe Counties, will read from and sign her debut fiction novel released July 24 starting at 1:00 today at Heartwood. She’ll be joined by bluegrass musician, Tim Lewis, for festive hometown fun at today’s Who’s Your Daddy, Baby? Book Release & Bluegrass Bash!

Heartwood is located at Interstate 81 Exit 14, One Heartwood Circle in Abingdon, Virginia.

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One Response to Who’s Your Daddy, Baby? Book Release + Bluegrass Bash

  1. Rhonda Dunford says:

    Absolutely loved this event! Lisa and her family are such lovely people. Also the music provided at this “Bluegrass and Books” event was awesome. A shout out to Lisa’s banjo-playing brother-in-law Tim Lewis, bass-player Dave Campbell, and mandolin player Jim Green. I especially loved their songs: Tin Roof Shack and the Darling’s song, ‘Doug’s Tune’, from the Andy Griffith show. The band was so much fun! If you didn’t go, you missed it! Jus Sayn! : ) Now I must get started on my new book.

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