West Wind Farm Vineyard & Winery

This might sound trivial if it wasn’t so heartfelt — I love everything about West Wind Farm Vineyard & Winery. From our Wytheville front door, we can be there in 20 minutes; but when we arrive, I feel transported. It’s one of those places that my husband and I stop and consider could be any where in the world — of course, Napa Valley comes to mind when I think of West Wind — when, in fact, we’re in Southwest Virginia.

West Wind Farm Vineyard & Winery

For starters, West Wind Farm is just so incredibly honest. The 4th generation farm turned vineyard at the hands of proprietor, Paul Hric. The vineyard draws you in, and you are immersed in authentic wine country, at once and completely removed from all distraction of everyday life.

Paul Hric talks about the West Wind Farm bottling process

According to a series of Facebook posts, this week finds them in the midst of harvest and production. On Monday, “A big week of picking ahead!” followed later that same day by “Today we picked the remainder of the Gewurztraminer and Pinot Gris. Up next: Vidal Blanc.” By yesterday, “In the press now: Pinot Gris. Later this week we start picking Vidal Blanc. Busy times!”

Next weekend marks the finalé of their summer concert series with Wine & Swine — wine & BBQ paired with Envision’s live Motown, soul, and beach sounds — Saturday, October 6 from 4-7:00 p.m.

Catch the podcast of today’s Cultural Heart of Southwest Virginia radio show as David Manley talks more about what makes their West Wind Farm family operation so special by clicking the link, below.

West Wind Farm Vineyard & Winery Podcast

West Wind Farm’s Jason (L) and David (R) Manley

Karen Quina-Doyle | Southwest Virginia Cultural Heritage Foundation

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